Fun New Gamemode: Discovery

Okay, so since the madness of Alpha 1 is behind us, I think it’s a good time to make a suggestion of mine: Discovery Mode! So basically, what discovery mode is would be that, say, instead of outright telling you what time it is, the time symbol isn’t even there. You have to have a profession, say, a “Timekeeper” in order to have the ability to measure the time. Also, you wouldn’t have a specific count on how many items you have. Instead, you’d have some thing like this:

“Wood: ~90”

So the game would give you a rough estimate, unless you have a special calculator class. I think this suggestion would add a new level of interest and difficulty to the game. Love it, hate it, comment below!


You mean like a warehouse manager keeping stock of everything in his assigned stockpile? … And the ability to make a solar clock as your first time indicator (doesnt display time in a corner but forces you too look at the thing)

That’s madness! (but an awesome idea, though ;P)

Well, it’s more like this: let’s say you have a “Timekeeper” class. Before getting the Timekeeper, there would be no icon for the time. (Day/Night Cycle Indicator). After getting the Timekeeper, the symbol would appear. Does that make sense? :wink: