[Forum Game] Derpy Translations

Okay, here’s the idea:

Google Translates has its faults.

This game exploits that for giggles and laughter! :rainbow:

How to Play:

  1. Someone starts off with a sentence: “The Moderators on the Stonehearth Discourse are robots!”
  2. Someone translates that into another language (Latin): Moderatores in robots sunt vocabula Petrae focum!
  3. Some one translates that into another language (Mandarin Chinese, Simplified): 在机器人的焦点是条款“彼得版主!
  4. After this rotation, we translate it back into English: In terms of the focus of the robot is Peter moderator!

LOL! :wink:

I’ll start off:
In order to comprehend the awesomeness of Swift Cube, one must first microwave a tomato.

(Google Translate Link: http://translate.google.com/)

How many languages can we go without putting it back to English?

German: Um die awesomeness von Swift Cube begreifen, muss man zuerst die Mikrowelle eine Tomate.

Well, I guess in order for it to become funny a minimum of 3. Also, the person who ends a sentence gets dibs on picking the new sentence (Or paragraph, or essay, or dissertation :wink:)

Korean: 스위프트 큐브의 위대성을 이해하려면 먼저 토마토를 전자 레인지에해야합니다.

Arabic: سريعة لفهم عظمة المكعب في فرن الميكروويف، يجب عليك أولا الطماطم.

PS - It’s already pretty funny.

Zulu:Quick ukuqonda ubukhulu we cube in a kuhhavini microwave, kumele wena utamatisi kuqala.

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Filipino: Mabilis na maunawaan ang kadakilaan ng kubo sa isang microwave oven, dapat mo munang mga kamatis

English: Quickly understand the greatness of the cube in a microwave oven, you must first tomatoes

Also, sorry to burst you’re bubble, but their is already a website for this:


Captain Buzzkill’s comments, and my own loathing for forum games aside, i love the premise… :smile:

oh, and i added a category, so consider that my initial contribution! :blush:

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Irish (Worst language ever BTW):

An disgust de mo chuid féin le haghaidh an cluiche ar ceal fóram, is breá liom an premise …
Ó, Rinne mé, mar sin linn a chur catagóir, ag cur san áireamh an méid atá mo chéad!

Mongolian: Хурдан нь бичил долгионы зууханд куб агуу байдлыг ойлгож, та эхлээд улаан лооль ёстой

Y’know, I’m starting to think there should be a Forum Game Category. Any thoughts, @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747?

Try out this video, It’s the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air through all the languages!

It’s pretty funny!

Only one, and it contains several more expletives than this:


Party pooper.

Also, you derailed the game:

@SteveAdamo I may be blind… but what is the category? :see_no_evil:

originally there wasn’t one… so i had tossed it into General Discussion… no biggie! :smiley:

ARGH SO MANY ERRORS IN GRAMMAR!!! bangs head on wall

Currently in English:
Quickly understand the greatness of the microwave cubic, you must first tomatoes

Nhanh chóng hiểu sự vĩ đại của lò vi sóng khối, bạn phải đầu tiên cà chua

As long as you understand what he means it isn’t a problem :). Just ignore it. There isn’t anything more discouraging for learning/speaking a language than people who keep telling that your grammar is wrong. (basically we don’t want grammar nazis)

Nopeasti ymmärtämään suuruutta lohkon mikroaaltouuni, sinun on ensin tomaatti


Okay! writes on sticky note then inserts into ear and sticks onto brain

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All I can say is:

lots of äs

Even though I have great grammar, I usually drop my standards when it comes to the Internet.