Forest Biome with deep notches

Last day i found a inspiring Art on the Web. Immagine what you can do with such a beautiful Biome!!

On top fit forests and deep canyons with a large amount of water.


I like that idea. Although I imagine this is more something for a mod, but it is cool nonetheless.

@BrunoSupremo might find this one interesting. He has made a canyon biome before.


Wow this looks amazing! I would love to play in a biome like that :slight_smile:

dude… theres gonna be a arctic and you say THIS should be the mod? woooooooow…

I say that because we already have a temperate forest biome, (now I think about it, i should have written that down). I would not mind this to become part of the stock game (cuz I like the concept), although I think that it is less likely.

The artctic, on the other hand, has its own type of climate with its own kingdom (northern alliance).

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(this part is just here cuz theres a 20 letter limit)