Footman's Responsibilities?

What are the responsibilities of the Footman? are they just to patrol around gardens and stockpiles and charge the enemies? wondering because with the 1687 patch they will randomly charge off and pick up items for the stockpile like they were a worker, is this normal?

I believe the picking up of items will be default behavior if they arent doing anything else thats productive

hey there @Unatan2 … welcome aboard! :smile:

while i have yet to see my footman perform these “menial labor” tasks, i believe the general idea is (as @Cannon0006 mentioned) that any unit can potentially perform the hauling task, if they are not otherwise occupied…

It was just odd to see a Footman calmly walking around the stockpile then charge off like a bat out (you know where) to grab a log and run back then calmly start patrolling again heh


“Patrolling the garden is boring. I know, I’ll go grab that basket of silk and put it in the stockpile over there! Better be quick though, dont want to be caught leaving my post”


After finishing putting the silk away, the footman turns to see the entire village slaughtered by goblins.