Footman Speed Buff

Hi, I would like to propose that there is something not quite right with the Footmans speed perks. In my current A16 game I just lost 3 lvl6 footmen because they ran far ahead of the group into a new spawn of orcs and ogres while on the way to kill off some wolves. Since it was an easy fight I was busy someone else and not paying attention (my fault) and was surprised when the death popups appeared.

It seems that the speed perks allow the footmen to completely out distance the knights and clerics; dashing into combat and getting picked off.

I would suggest either allowing the knights to keep their speed perks after transitioning so they can keep the agro off the others, or changing the speed perk into something else now that the knights, clerics and archers have been added so they can arrive more together.

Thanks for reading.

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