Footman skill "First Responder" needs a change


The knight is supposed to be the class tanking all the hits and being in the middle of the enemy mob. But thanks to the skill “First Responder” it happens very often that my bad armored footman are the first ones who engage in battle and therefore they tend to tank quite alot of damage until my knights have arrived. This shouldn’t be the case in my opinion. And to avoid this, the player has to do alot of micromanagement (select footman, send them back etc. so that your knight engages first). To make it more simple, it would be better if the skill “First Responder” gets some kind of change. I have some solutions in mind, but ofc other opinions/ideas are also welcome!


  1. Skill doesn’t activate when a knight is close. This way, footman can still react fast if no knight is around but dont rush in when a knight is close.
  2. You implement formations that will not break until getting into melee range. So you can place your knights in the frontline, footmen in midline and archers in backline, preventing your footmen to rush blindly in the enemy mob.
  3. Knight gets the skill “First Responder” and Footmen get the skill “Inspiring Presence” (maybe rename it, because inspiring sounds more like a knight). This would be the easiest (simple switch of skills) and best solution, since the knight IS supposed to be the first in battle and this skill would assure that this happens most of the time.

I personaly think 3 would be good, becuase it requires less coding time and also makes more sense. It would be a simple balance change which makes combat (especially late game, when you have 10+ soldiers) less exhausting.

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