Footman got killed, cant use tools anymore

My footman got killed by goblins, he dropped his sword and his tomb appeared. Wanted to promote another worker to a footman, but can’t use the sword anymore, moreover can’t use any other tool either. Even save-load didn’t help.

hey there @Dupla … welcome aboard! :smile:

did you happen to notice if the sword was returned to a stockpile (after the deceased footman dropped it)? same goes for any other tools that your units seem unable to equip…

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Yes, yes! None of the tools can be equipped. Tried to start a new game, but the bug remained. Then checked back my saved game today and somehow it works again, dont know what happened!? Strangely other changes remained: there was a strange glow around tools, now that disappeared, and there was an icon on every tool’s sheet to promote workers directly (if i know right), now that disappeared too but can promote workers from their window.

Mm how weird… :confused:
Let’s keep this topic open even if the bug was fixed for you. Those behaviours of the tools that you mention are definitely worth noticing.

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