Floors and Peeking Inside Buildings

I’m sorry if this is someting a lot of people have talked about, but I just have to give my opinion on this matter…
First of all, the way you peek inside the Buildings is fine now, yet I feel like there could be improvements, like showing some parts of the wall you’re peeking in, on such way where you saw the interior that the wall was covering and in a way you knew there was an actuall wall there. I guess The Sims is a great example on how peeking through walls can be done, it does it extremely well and I hope Stonehearth does so to.
The other thing I am most worried about are the floors, I hate how they are one block above the ground, it looks, (well I’m sorry but) stupid :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m sure there is something that can be done about that, and would love if that could be fixed.
These are the only two things that I dislike about the current game, and yet I’m sure you guys will improve it.
On the other hand, great job with the Building Designer, got me very excited, and excellent job overall, I’m loving where this game is going.
Thanks for spending 5 minutes of your time to read this and sorry if my English isn’t perfect or if I said something stupid (I tend to do that :wink:).

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