Flatten the entire map and cover it in buildings

Hi i am working on a mapo where i flatten the entire map and cover it in structures (just to see how many bugs and that i can uncover for the devs ) i will post a daily screenshot of the progress from this point on untill the project is completed i am doing all the mining manually no IB or IM commands allowed i can also stream it daily if you guys would be intrested in watching it happen live let me know in the comments section below

heres todays stopping point


good luck :+1:

todays update after 3 hours in stonehearth making some progress


ive been working on the map again for another 4 hours i havent stopped just thought i would post an updateed screen shot


This will take a few weeks :smiley:

I wish you good luck with your bug hunt. :smile:

start your bets now i bet you i can complete it in 2 weeks tops

Aderall lol

heres another update for you folks

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