Filling the gaps [concept]

Hi There!
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I really like the visuals of StoneHearth and adore it

But to be Frank (like… Really frank)
I don’t really enjoy ‘some’ of the animations in it
And there’s some anims that are missing …(like for the cook that doesn’t really have a prope animation for using the Pot)

Like; overal i really do like it, but i’m just not so happy with a few (ain’t naming them)

So i’m here to talk about makng a rather big mod ('cause it takes a long time?)

The mod will contain animations that i decided to re-make or make
This means i’ll probably have to make some animation sets as well

It’ll basically be a animation expantion/replacment mod
It won’t be a drastic change. It might make a anim a litte longer or shorter, but i’ll try to keep it similar. And it realy isn’t a big change either (it’ll mostly be tweaks and adjustments)

It’s still a concept and i still have TMC to work on
So even if i make it; it’ll be made when i decide to change it up a bit so i don’t get board

Would you consider this a good concept for a mod?

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That would be very great and i know what you mean :smiley: But I think (or hope) TR will polish them up when we are in the Beta or at least in the last alphas ^^


I think it’s a good concept :slightly_smiling:
On a related note, I guess nobody has made a mod for adding more idle actions yet because there’s still performance problems with the AI and normally you have your hearthlings busy enough…


go for it, make then love your mod

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