Festival System (Unique Idea)

Introduction To Idea

What would the festivals be?
Festivals are certain days of the year where your villagers will celebrate a great event or honour a person of interests death. Simple right!

What would the villagers do?
During the day they would craft decorations and hang them from the corners of the buildings to other corners of buildings such as small strings with colored paper and small candles. These decorations would also link to the nearest tree’s. During the night they will dance, let small lanterns off into the sky and much more!

What will be the benefits?
In the recent Tuesday updates you might have seen the happiness system. This will boost villagers happiness and motivate villagers to work slightly faster for the next 2 days or so. It also brings a culture to your village as festivals that the player allows the villagers to take part in more (Crafting fireworks and bonfires and such) will be bigger events then the more modern festivals.

The Concept

How are festivals made?
Festivals are made when a random event has been completed or when a well known powerful knight or important has fallen. In the scenario that you complete an event (Example: Kill a ogre that has terrorized the town) The villagers will celebrate the following day and the next year they will count it as a festival! In the death of a important person, they will mourn the next day but the following year they will celebrate his/her life!

What will they be called?
The Festivals will be named after the bosses death, the name of a plague your village survived or the last name of an important person. For instance if you killed a boss and its name was Gulver Ironthorn, The festival will be called The Festival/Celebration/Death of IronThorn. If it was an important Person called Tom Heart the festival will be called Festival/Celebration/Life of Heart. Obviously you will be able to rename this festival if you so wish to choose!

A Small Calender should be provided showing all the future festivals and some indication to how big/important this festival is so the player can have a chance to plan what he is going to do about it!

What happens with festivals?
Over time a festival can become more important or less important depending on how much effort the player puts into the day. If the player hunts for more food to prepare a feast, or crafts festival items to use on the day then the festivals will remain a big event to your villagers culture. If you personally dislike the festival or don’t agree with it, then you simply have to not bother with it and it will be forgotten over time!

Why should you partake in festivals?
Its something different, you can see your villagers having fun, preparing for the festival and enjoying the day. Its a change from working and fighting and may potentially bring buffs and possibly decoration items (Such as a statue of the important person or the boss you killed) and finally brings more life to your village!

Assigning roles on the day!
On the day of the festival you can choose to allow workers a day off on the day or to work on the day (This will mean less decorations and such meaning the day can be forgotten easier if you wish) It can also mean you can keep your guards on duty! It allows you to keep some order within your village while the festival is currently taking place!

Lastly, Food perks!
On the day of festivals, villagers may make special foods that when eaten that not only fills their tummy’s but allows them to work a lot faster the following days! This means you can begin construction on new buildings or build more farms that will be constructed a lot quicker! Again the amount of effort you put into the festival will result on how much food gets made by your villagers!


So to summarize the idea!
The system would allow you to bring culture into any village that is unique to your own progression of your own game! You will decide which events are important and it gives a feeling of reward, even when one of your favorite characters dies! You will be able to prepare for these festivals and see your town/village come to life once all the decorations are completed! The camp fire in the center of town will come to life as your villagers dance and socialize with each other. It could be the place your favorite villager meets his one and only :wink:

I thank you for reading my idea and would be happy if you could comment with your opinion or add to the idea!


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