Fatal Memory Exception

After playing for about 3 hours the game suddenly crashes without any warning. Also it early spawned in some stonelings which were unable to get to the camp from their position, that only slowed the game down.

crash.dmp (141.0 KB)
stonehearth.log (1.0 MB)

Taking a quick look through the log file, the game started out with 711.973MB of used memory and crashed when it reached 7.278GB.

The crash itself it in the AMD graphics driver, but it’s hard to tell what exactly caused it. The memory growth is concerning. If you have a savefile that reproduces this issue, it could help us track it down.

Luckily i have autosave enabled. The last one was four minutes before the crash. You need the archipel-biome for the fishing bucket which i still haven´t used.
savefile.zip (7.1 MB)