FanArt : Varanus Rider

I like the monster Varanus.
So I draw new artwork.

The Varanus Rider!

I expect alpha 16 version update to new combet classes.
See you soon.


Haha, that’s fantastic! Nice work.

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oh my goodness, i didn’t think it was possible for Varanus to be this cute! amazing work @Goldmetal :smile:

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Awee that is adorable!

I wish I could draw like that. I would totally draw a female bunny clan member of myself xD

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Man, I like that drawing so much :smiley:

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They see me ridin, they hatin


hey, when you think about it, varanuses eyes are inside its mouth… am I right? or are they just horns…? hmm…

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Was browsing steam Stonehearth community and saw this, Really really want a hearthling to ride a Varanus since first time I saw them :heart_eyes:

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