Extremely long names bork UI

Apparently Chieftan Ragnash the Expeditious’ name is so long and magnificent that no UI element can contain it. I presume this should probably be handled by the game in some way.

Speaking of which, here is another way to bork the UI with extremely long and annoying names (self inflicted this time tho!)…

And another (also self inflicted)…


be happy there is now a scrollbar in the citizensscreens :wink: but i know what you mean xD because of this i have changed the fontsize for the unitinfo in the german translation smaller xD

but to be fair - mostly there are not so long names xD also normaly you shouldnt can open the unitinfo for enemys xD

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Mostly having fun reporting some of these bugs. They aren’t terribly serious. But if some of them get onto radiants bug list for simple fixes, then mission accomplished.


Do you want to get name length limits? Because this is how we get name length limits. XD


In all seriousness, I’ll poke Tom about this. Also, I’ll look into the Chieftan. He could probably do with just a regular name and have “the Expeditious” as a title.


I wouldn’t be entirely surpised if that happened eventually anyway. When multiplayer happens, there are going to be people doing this with their character names just to troll other players.

For Chieftans and such, obviously you have the power to make the names fit :wink:


Isn’t there some other solution, like making the names wrap to the next line?

That or just give the name a scroll bar :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok the idea with a wrap could be possible - i will try it tomorrow some htmlcodes ^^

a scrollbar … there is one in the citizensmanager but like you see its not really good :wink:

hmmm perhaps text-overflow: ellipsis; … sooo that if its to long its shows in the citizeninfo HELLOMYNAME…

i dont know if stonehearth can use hover? so perhaps it would be possible that when a long name and ellipsis is triggered it would be possible to make an extra window with the full name with an mouseover?

With no real limit on string length in game, someone could add a name thousands of characters long. A window sized to fit the full name could fill the screen.

Using the ellipsis would probably be the optimal solution for cases where players insist on overly long names for hearthlings or parties. The trick is where to put the elipsis when dealing with proportional fonts. Depending on the letters used, you need to cut the name off in a different place. The solution is easy for one font, but if another font is modded in, you need to also account for new letter widths.

thats not the problem ^^ because you say how long is the box for the name … at the moment the width its 400 ^^ so after this its set automatically the ellipsis xD

and for wrap text theres the same issue - when the name is to long it would change the complete window xD

Edit: now also in the citizensmanager

I’m going to flash back to the world of ‘90s internet’…

and suggest marquees!!!

Don’t think that worked…

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marquees? ok i dont know what you mean xD

at the moment i test the hoverfunction - but it doesnt look good :wink: ok im to bad in programming :wink: sooo its only ellipsis xD

here the simple code for ellipsis for the citizensheet for #name:

     display: inline-block;
     font-family: @headerFontFamily;
     background: rgba(0,0,0,0.0);
     color: #ffc000;
     font-size: 36px;
     width: 400px;
     border: 0px;
     position: relative;
     left: -10px;
     overflow: hidden;
     text-overflow: ellipsis;

and here for the citizens for .name:

     display: inline-block;
     font-size: 16px;
     width: 230px;
     text-overflow: ellipsis; 


edit: sry have forget that i have another fond size xD fix changed xD

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ahhh ok ^^ … hmmmmm i dont know if the stonehearthbrowser can this … possible it is xD

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Well, I guess they already have something good coded into the engine. Makes me wonder why they didn’t use it O.o

hmmmmm i dont know if there any other things incoded ^^ but for example the mouseoverfunction works only a little bit or the function scroll also doesnt work^^

ok like mentioned im also a noob in coding - i have my experience only from dos, macros for exel and website building for my team at work (own tools) ^^

I meant the overflow and ellipsis stuff. I don’t know a lot about modern style sheet stuff, but I didn’t realise you could do that so easily. I presume that’s the imbedded chrome browser that renders the GUI at work.

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just for info: my idea was now implented official for the charsheet - now i need just to convince @yshan to add this also to the citizens.less and the pet_character_sheet.less (this is for later when we are able to add own names for them) file and all fixed ^^


Paging @yshan, any progress on this? Still an issue in release 472.