Extra button for your army

i have seen people ask for this on another part of forum so i just pasted what i said there and then some

easiest way to turn soldiers off is already implimented for the rest of your hearthlings and can be designed around it its called call to arms and next to it you can have a button that you can click for on and off duty. can also have a small drop box to allow squads as this is also in game already.group 1 you can have a Knight and a cleric in one group that you leave patroling while in group 2 a footman and archer tend to their civillian duties (hauling) till called up for militia work.
also would be nice to set patrol paths per group bit tired of seeing the army trampling over the fields each day and my farmer is getting annoyed lol. (seen someone mentions the patrol thing may already be in a mod ) if so lets get it in the game and stable.please :smiley: