-explodes with anticipation-

I can not wait till an unstable a13 release comes thought steam. ive been wanting to try the Hearthling Therapist. it will be nice to have your crafters completely ignore all the items on the ground when they have things to do.

sadly I had a start of a town but my game kept locking up because they were not picking up any of the mountain of stone and ores I mined for more houses :unamused:


That must be terrible, not being able to get more stone and ore.

well they stopped hauling completely at the time, testing the unstable a13 atm to see how its working =]

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I managed to get all 40 hearthlings out and some huge buildings around 28 hearthlings will take 20-3hrs to place objects.They all still mine and build.My ram usuage is at or around 2.5GB I save reload if it gets larger.I love it!(sometimes on the objects not sure whats causing it workin it out)