Exclusion zones


I’ve been following Stonehearth since the beginning, but only started playing it seriously in Alpha 6, as I felt the game had got consistent enough to be truly enjoyable. I was going to post a suggestion about allowing us to assign a bed/chair to a specific character, so for example my carpenter wouldn’t get his bed stolen by some other guy, but then I figured this could be more or less done another way, by a feature I call “exclusion zones”.

The idea would be to add a new kind of zone, called, exclusion zone. When creating such a zone using the already existing zone tool, you’d be able to define which classes (worker, carpenter, etc) are allowed to enter it, just like you define which resources can be stored in a storage zone. Once the zone is created, only guys from the allowed classes would be able to walk through this zone.

This would allow, rather simply and with no effect for people who don’t care about that kind of micromanagement, to do many things : I could make sure my carpenter’s house is only accessible by himself and other carpenters, I could dedicate a room to solders or prevent workers from entering the dining hall because they’re too dirty !

What do you think ?

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