Everything on the screen has disappeared

Summary: Game elements disappeared. Background is the only thing left

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play for several hours
  2. Tap [ button to see underground
  3. See nothing but background and save the game

Expected Results: Increased stability when slicing the terrain

Actual Results:


Attachments: Nothing. You are not allowing me to upload it

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information: win 7

Hey @Artash, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve bumped your user level so you should be able to upload attachments now.

When do you only see the background? After loading your savefile?

Hi @Relyss, thanks =) and thanks for rapid response.
I’am attaching the savefolder (7z zip) for analysis.
As i said before, when i’ve tried to slice the terrain, objects disappeared. Then i saved game progress, supposing that it’s all up to my videocard. When i’m loading this save the only thing i get is background, interface buttons and sounds. Looks like game runs, but i can’t see anything. I’m ok with lost save, just curious why it happened and hope that i’ll help a bit to avoid this in future. Sorry for my english and let me know if you need in any details1481498669309.7z (3.4 MB)

Your savefile is fine. Your camera just went too far away from the terrain. :slight_smile:

Open the Citizens window, and click on a hearthling. It will bring the camera back to your town.

I will investigate if the camera got glitched on its own. Sometimes it happens that playing with the zoom you can get your camera very far from the chunk of the map.


I swear, that it was not working in first three attempts. At least from the lover-left (citizen card) menu, only directly from C-menu.
Now i feel myself dumb =(
Hope you enjoyed my cactus field thought XD

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I didn’t played with cam that much.
I’ve tryed not to use slicing on the other map (from the embark) for a while and to try eventually after a couple of hours. So, camera flew away and got back on it’s own. I suppose you’re right suggesting that was kind of glitch. Maybe it depends on PC…
Anyway, if you need my help/feedback/anything else - just let me know.
Best wishes.