Error Report Help - GetBounds

Hi All,

Can anyone help me with this error? I’m sure I have mods running that are outdated, but this has been the only error message I have received since I’ve purged several mods that were presenting issues.

Thanks in advance!

release-949 (x32)[M]
std::exception: ‘GetBounds is undefined when there are no tiles.’
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘set_clip_height’
…ient/subterranean_view/subterranean_view_service.lua:704: in function ‘_update_clip_height’
…ient/subterranean_view/subterranean_view_service.lua:99: in function ‘set_clip_enabled’
…ient/subterranean_view/subterranean_view_service.lua:72: in function <…ient/subterranean_view/subterranean_view_service.lua:71>
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘trigger’
radiant/modules/events.lua:55: in function ‘trigger’
radiant/client.lua:58: in function <radiant/client.lua:47>

Hi there!

This is a game load error, it usually happens when the game starts or when a save is loaded, and is often (but not always) accompanied by another error that causes the town alert/alarm sound to play for no reason. When this error happens after loading a game, the loaded game will have Town Alert and Slice view active, both of which can’t really be fixed even with a UI refresh and require the game to be closed and restarted…

Unfortunately there are no fixes for these, load errors (like the black screen with music that fixes itself by pressing F5 (refreshing the UI)) are caused by the game being stressed/too loaded, which can be caused by having lots of mods, templates, saved games (all of which will consume memory/time to load) and/or below-average hardware, although it can, sometimes it happens rarely, sometimes it happens a lot, in which case you need to remove mods/clean your saves and templates and so on…

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Thank you for the quick reply. I would say my setup is above average (RTX 4080, 32GB RAM, 12700k, 4TB of Gen 4 NVME SSDs), but I will take your advice and clean everything up; it can’t hurt! Another thing I noticed is that the Load Game screenshot preview is sometimes black after saving. Once that happens, I know there is an impending crash. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks again!

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Don’t feel bad about your system, unfortunately it is mostly the game’s/engine optimization fault, so while it is true that a below average system will make it even worse, we (and others) with above average systems will still have a hard time every now and then :glum:

Never seen that one! (the black screen when saving)
Curious… I wonder if that could be perhaps related with the game having trouble to write/save files; have you tried setting the .exe file to always run as admin on its properties? Also adding it to the whitelist of any kind of security software can help reduce stress! (ie: windows firewall)

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Let me know if you can see this image. I’ll work on the other fixes you have proposed as well. I know this game will never be perfect, but I would love to play for at least an hour without issues.

Thanks again for you prompt reply!