Error on simple building (3 wall+1 floor + 1 wall )

Etape 1 : the floor :

Etape 2 : 3 wall

Etape 3 : 1 wall

–> building --> error :

Final result :

That wall tool is not meant to be used in that way. It’s the freestanding wall tool.

The wall tool you are looking for is accessed by clicking on the wall of the building itself. Then you click on the floor and it will build a set of walls around it.


So if i want a hole in the wall i need to create all the wall with the 1 sqare tool ?
Need time for all i want to do :stuck_out_tongue:

The 1 square tool can be dragged, too. You don’t need to click 100 times like in minecraft… >_>

Also, when you use the automatic walls, and place doors and windows on it, the needed holes for those are automatically created too. Unless you really want to make holes in walls, which is currently not possible, I think (but you can make holes in the floor by using the eraser tool).

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Oh thanks.
It is possible in a near futur t have the tools for make a hole in the wall ?
And the 1 square tools dont works on Y axe when X axes is used…

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There is several tricks you can do.

One is to set the floor and then free stand 3 walls, then use the slab too to design the 4th wall with hole


set the floor then wall it, put in a window or door. Then go to console command and destroy the door or window after they built it.

only ways I know

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your first solution is my first try and look above the result… not good
i have to try your second.