Erdenes reward after defeating the titan [Crash]

So i just defeated the Titan and Erdene showed up telling me about someone wanting to join my town.
I had max number of citizens at this point (i had it at 18) So i went in and changed the number to 20 and then returned to the pop up conversation. I accepted and got an Assertion failed crash to desktop.

Here is the crash dmp and stonehearth log files:
crash (4).zip (24.1 KB)
Attachments: (54.3 KB)

Versions and Mods:
Latest with the titan encounter, no mods active on this map/save.

Thanks for the report. The log indicates that this is trying to load a compressed QB file, which we don’t support. Do you have any mods that might be touching Orc models?

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No i dont. The Orc joined my town before erdenes revisit on reload and seemed fine. I tried to reembark with the orc as one of the members (that did not work, it replaced him with a hearthling in the part where you roll your starting five hearthlings AND only gave me 4 hearthlings in total) When i then clicked through erdenest little chat, the assertion fail came again as soon as i pressed accept the orc.

I hope it helps to narrow it down? Would a savegame help on this?
No matter what, here it is: (6.9 MB)

I have the same error, first time for any crash like this for me.

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Thanks for the save! This will be fixed in the next release.


I know you said that it is already fixed :slight_smile: But i just tried to load the game and when i just turned down the orc and not accepting it, i ended up with two orcs joining me without any crash…?

EDIT: hahaha i got too exicted! one of the orcs was erdene apparently :smile:

The crash is specific to female orc outfits. So you get a 50% chance of crashing.

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I am pretty sure that it was a male orc in that save, but what do i know of orcs and their genders haha, i am not even sure if Erdene is a male or female orc? :smile:

I will just wait for the next release, before i play with any orcs.