Enemy Placement Strategies

In regard to the information shared in the Enemy Placement Desktop Tuesday (http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/dt-enemy-placement/20800), what are strategies that can be employed to utilize this knowledge?

My current experiment is to build small structures such as watch towers in areas where enemy camps are prone to spawn.

Does the game give up if it can’t find a good spot to place an enemy camp or does it keep searching for a spot after multiple failures?

What exactly denotes player territory for the game to avoid placing an enemy camp there? I.e. can I just pave a significant portion of the ground around my camp in order to prevent enemies from spawning close to it?

lol, I have played around with it using stockpiles (set to “none”) It does seem that the town gets a bigger buffer zone meaning mob spawn further away form the actual town, it also works good as a territorial claim. For example if you sealed of one side of the valley and don’t have the people to build claim the far end of the valley. But I mainly use it to force the mobs to spawn in predicable places so I can see them coming.
only down side is the soldiers patrolling al these empty stockpiles.