Empty Civilian Roster

So I’m new to this game, been playing it about a day. There’s been plenty of bugs (as expected), but nothing game-altering so far, which has been great! But this bug actually locks me out from accessing my civilians, period.

Before someone says “this thread has already been posted”, I did look before creating this thread, and while there are similar issues none were identical to the bug that I’m experiencing.

So this is how it all went down. There was a minor bug, and the console suggested that I do a UI reset (f5). I thought ‘what harm could that do’ and went with it, and my HUD simply reloaded. About 10 minutes later, however, I looked at my civilian roster for the first time since the UI reset, and it was empty. When I saved, the 3 flags that hang over my save all suddenly said 0. No, reloading does not resolve this issue.

I have found a fix, which is obviously just to go to a save prior to the UI reset, but this is still an active bug so I thought I’d post some pictures and let the devs know.

These are the two error messages received after completing a UI Reset:
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You should probably fix that, because new users are going to be the ones posting images of their bugs, like you requested we do in game ^^

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am playing the most recent release of Alpha 10.

Just go comment or like another post and you can drag and drop images. Or you can use imgur.
ON the topic of your bug, I have experienced it too, and as far as I know there currently isn’t a way around it. I was gonna post it but it looks like I don’t need to. I suggest just playing around it. It might fix when you get a new citizen, but you can still promote and craft, you just have to manually find the hearthling.

hey there @Chase_Peltz … welcome aboard!

the discourse puts a few restrictions on new users, but they are easily removed after a little time on the forum… but, as @whitecrayon mentioned, feel free to post images to imgur.com and one of the mods can embed it for you… :+1:

It’s actually the creators of the Discourse forum software that determine which users can do what (some kind of spam protection). Radiant isn’t really able to modify that, so we all just have to put up with it. Which is sort of easy to do since everything else about the forum tech is amazingly good.

sorry if im reviving a dead topic but @Chase_Peltz did you find a fix ?? i have a world with 15 civillians i dont want to lose

Sorry, but this is still undergoing. In fact, this was reported here:

And the devs asked for help to reproduce it and apparently one of the related bugs was solved:

(Paging @yshan : please remind the others that this seems to still be happening on current release :disappointed_relieved:)