Emotional Animations and Combat

Hey Folks!

Thanks for bringing this up - we’ve decided to remove the “Happy_Run” animation while running into combat specifically. Footmen will still display their happiness outside of combat like anyone else; but when its combat time, its business time. We are currently leaving the “Sad_Run” while going to combat, but we could remove that as well depending on how people feel about it.

On an aside, because of these comments we have decided to make the “Patrol_Walk” much less childish/silly (no skipping). We didn’t want to go with the very non-emotional british guard march [though I did look at them for reference - thank you : )] as we want to infuse ‘happy’ into their movement. Instead we went with a more parade march type look, possibly with a little dancing swag in there as well : ).

These changes should come out in the next push we do tonight (not the one this morning). Please let us know what you think, and thanks for the feedback so far!


Perhaps a shieldwall and scattered approach are options to show both seriousness and willingness to battle.


If we were to make more “serious” emotions for footmen, I kind of have a different approach. I like the happy and skipping off into battle. It’s been very entertaining for me.

However, if we were to change it for footmen, maybe instead a personality thing instead. Instead of changing emotions based on class, change emotions based on a small set of “Personality Keywords.” Like, Optimist, Pessimist, Nihilist, Dreamer and so on. If a Pessimist is “happy,” they’re not going to be skipping, but Optimist would be.

I would love to send a bunch of Cowardly footmen into battle. If they’re happy they might not mind it so much. :stuck_out_tongue: