Emotes Don't Appear in "About-Me"

I would really like to add emotes in my “About-Me” and I’m sure many others would too, but whenever I try to add an emote to my “About-Me” the emote never appears, but has plain test in place of it.

For example:

I type in "Hello! :smile: in Preferences. I then check my “About-Me” a few minutes later. In place of the emote that is suppose to be there, I get: "Hello : smile :

NOTE: I put a space between “smile” and the two colons so the emote wouldn’t appear.

Yes… :no_good: I noticed that when I tried to update my profile. The feature might be :lock:
but since you :mailbox: this I dusted out my :computer: to find the cheat-sheet and add a few useless :gift:
Now it’s :alarm_clock: to go.