Easy way to place mutipule pieces of fence

(like make a 3 tall fence wall is it possable how

Hello Dutchuss2016, this is not possible at the moment, as pieces of fence can only be built on solid ground, but not on other fences.

You will have to go for walls if you need a barrier higher than a fence.

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is there a way to place a line of fence (imn trying to put a fence around my base (300 blocks by 300 blocks ) dont really feel like clicking 4500 times to place all that fence

As far as I know no you cannot…you have to clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick.

Like @Audaxx said you could build a wall instead if you don’t want to spend a ton of time making that fence.

walls and my hearthings dont get along they always “forget” to finish it annoying as alwasys i end up having no choice but to “ib” it or ahwat ever im doing it never fails no matter how small the project

Yeah…well maybe some of the Workshop changes that was mentioned on Tuesday will help with some of that! We are still in Early Access so we can’t expect perfection…yet

whoopie 3 gold more net value in one day big deal i need that big 550 so after 19 days i can finally get the 8th member of ma crew this is really starting to annoy me usually i can have 11 members or 12 by this late in the game… punches the first shop keeper in the face "what the hell took so long for one of you to show up i have nearly 5k gold worth of crap im never going to use just waiting to sell to you

2 game days later things are finally starting to go my way typical video game (piss ya off till you complain to the devs or forums and it starts behaving like its ment to

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