[Dup] Something Strange [Alpha 11 develop 2494]

This is odd, something I haven’t come across before - I just started up my A11 save, my workers are building a barn, and I have several crafters (carpenter, weaver, mason) helping, as I have nothing for them to do at their workbenches. I scroll around, make sure everything is in order, and come back to the barn and find my Weaver buried with only his head showing. I tried to assign some things to his workbench, see if that would unstick him, and it doesn’t. So I go to reload and I get an error sound and this message on my desktop (Stonehearth is up but if I try to return to the game it just says ‘Stonehearth’ in the upper-left hand corner)

Assertion Failed: sceneld <

Hitting OK closed Stonehearth and the message. I notice in the ‘similar topics’ it mentions something like this for Alpha 4, however without the error message. Anyone else experiencing this?

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