[Dup] Farmers overlapping tasks

Hello all.

So what’s happening is this:

I have two farmers in my current set up, and when they have something to harvest they will both go to the same spot.

Farmer 1 will start harvesting a crop, and farmer 2 will start harvesting the next nearest crop.

Farmer 1 will finish his task about a second before farmer 2.

Farmer 1 will then push farmer 2 off of harvesting her crop, and start harvesting it himself instead, starting from scratch.

Farmer 2 will then move to the next crop and start harvesting.

Farmer 1 will finish his task…

Repeat endlessly.

So basically my farming is cutting its efficiency down about by half. It was bothering me for a while why some of my crops were dying before they could be harvested, so I cut my crop sizes down substantially. That’s when I noticed this happening, I watched this happen every time my farmers had crops to harvest.

Any ideas?

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