[Dup] [dev2176] Full platemail either lacks helmet or removes Hearthling head

Bug : Full platemail doesn’t come with helmets on females, and removes the heads/faces of males.

Not much more to tell than the bug. Crafted a full platemail, put it on a hearthling, noticed there was no helmet – fine. Crafted another one, the helmet was now present, but the Hearthling’s face was gone.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select any worker Hearthling
  2. Promote to Footman (Full platemail included in stockpile)
  3. View bug

Expected Results:
The helmet either appears both times, or never; Hearthling’s face should not be removed (at least not until someone creates that Possessed Full Platemail mod).

Actual Results:
Male Hearthling’s face is removed on wearing Full Platemail. Female Hearthling does not get the helmet.

No head: http://puu.sh/fWUaZ/3376b529b1.png
No helmet: http://puu.sh/fWUe7/ba95075b4a.png
Save file here: Dropbox - Link not found (6mb zip)
A Wooden Practice Sword is ready in the stockpile, as well as a Steel Longsword, Full Platemail, and Trusty Shield. To replicate no-head bug, promote a male Hearthling like Irving Garwin to a footman. To replicate no-helmet bug (?), promote a female Hearthling like Devona Edessa.

Versions and Mods:
Stonehearth Alpha 8, dev build 2176. The Microworld mod is in my mods directory, but not currently being used. I have also made a small modification to Stonehearth.smod: Ladders are made of stone rather than wood.

System Information:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 | Pentium i5 | 4GB system memory | AMD Radeon HD 5700

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