[Dup] Building Wall Loop Crashes Game

BUG: Building wall loops crash game inconsistently.

When building wall loops in the game, whether using shift to extend or doing one section, in a straight line or around corners, the game may crash.

Steps to reproduce:
I was unable to find a consistent set of circumstances in which to cause the game to crash. I did find that I was unable to get the game to crash while building walls of any length and shape while the F1 overlay was selected. I ran tests across increasing chunk lengths and increasing number of corners, and the game would crash each time, but none of them were in response to a consistent build type.

Expected Results:
I expected the game to crash upon building an extended wall across chunk boundaries, whether 1, 2, or more - but under the same circumstances each time.

Actual Results:
I was able to consistently recreate the crash, but unable to consistently recreate the trigger.



Versions and Mods:

System Information:
Processor: AMD E1-1500 APU with Radeon HD graphics 1.48 GHz
RAM: 4 GB (3.71 usable)
Sytem: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Edition: Windows 8.1

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