[Con] Walls on Floors Crashes the Game

Well, I can’t get any screenshots, because the game crashed, but I found out that placing one end of a wall segment on the actual floor of the building crashes the game. I placed a wall segment surrounding the floor plan, and then placed a pillar on the floor plan, and then the game crashed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to building designer.

  2. Make a floor.

  3. Place a wall segment on the floor instead of on the ground.

  4. Game crash and repeat.

Info: Keep in mind that I have Windows 8, so it may be exclusive to that!

Processor: Intel i7 3630-QM

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 750M

Version: Alpha 4 Release 99 v0.1.0


Can confirm, this happened to me as well. (Also Windows 8.)

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There is definitely some weirdness with the wall tool when it’s used on top of floors, even though that’s supposed to be how we get interior walls.

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edit: can confirm as well… single column placement will consistently crash the client

Well, you know, I have been here for a while, just haven’t been posting publicly very much. There was this whole secret thread that… never mind. Once it’s over, maybe everyone will find out.

Either way, thanks Steve!

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I can can also confirm this, and I too have Windows 8.1.

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same here win 8.1 also running nvidia beta drivers on a 750ti

Edit running x64 also

Same here, but it’s not limited to Win 8, since I’m running Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.