[Dup] Bug: Constant Minor Lag Spikes and Immovable Items on Ladder

Summary: My settlement is on a mountain, so I would obviously need ladders to get to the ground to get a farm, trapping, etc. BUT sometimes the hearthlings drop whatever they are carrying on the ladder and rush somewhere to do something. They cant get it back, it just stays there. It is bothering, but I have found a way to fix it temporarily. Destroy the ladder, then make a new one. They do it again, though. Also, after Day 15, the game just has constant lag spikes everywhere I go.

Steps to reproduce (for ladder):

  1. Make a ladder going up or down.
  2. Get hearthlings to go up there somehow.
  3. If they go on the ladder enough, they will eventually rush to do something, leaving behind the item they were carrying.

Expected Results: I would think that they would pick it back up.

Actual Results: They don’t :frowning:

Notes: It usually only happens with one ladder, too.

Attachments: None.

Versions and Mods: I’m running Stonehearth Alpha 8 and I have no mods.

System Information: Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium I Intel Core i7 CPU 975 I 12.0 GB Installed Memory I NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

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