Dryad Model (WIP)

She’s so cute :heart_eyes:
Please, make the mod!


Not yet I haven’t, she replaces the human female 1 entity at the moment, though I would like to see if there is a way I can do what your suggesting.

I am helping @Hyrule_Symbol mod it into the game, though I don’t know what all he wants to do or how much I can figure out and make work. He did an awesome job from concept to final model.

Yeah she really is, and I do hope to do more with it like @Heimerdinger has suggested. I will provide a download link when it’s closer to where it needs to be, as long as @Hyrule_Symbol is good with that, and the mod doesn’t conflict with any other code.

Ideally I would like to use the critter spawning code along with the human skeleton animation set for this character. Also I would like to find a way to make some logic that would check to see if an ancient tree is spawned, then spawn the Dryad next to that tree. Since that seems to be the idea that the initial concept art was showing.

It would be cool to expand this into a mythical creatures mod pack if that is something that @Hyrule_Symbol would be interested in doing.


Hi @DaiMoGui @Hyrule_Symbol,

If you’re are interested I have a sample on how to spawn entities throughout the world using what Radiant has dubbed “static scenarios”, these control spawning things like flowers and animals, you could very easily add your Dryad to world generation through it :wink: .


This would be more or less a starting point to work from, you would need to make a few adaptations. Like the animation table that is used, and I wouldn’t make the Dryad as a critter either, “stonehearth:mixins:mob” would be an appropriate base to start with.

Overall, if this is the effect you’re looking for, I would suggest not using a “static scenario” to spawn in the Dryad. Instead I would go the route of modifying the “ancient tree” via a mixin, specifying a custom component that once initialized would spawn the Dryad. This would eliminate the need to search for the ancient tree and of course would also allow access to the ancient tree itself from the code.

I think this would be a good approach as the tree itself is as important as the Dryad.

If you wanted to go further and have multiple ancient trees I would suggest returning to “static scenarios” and using them to spawn the ancient tree’s in the world, again providing a mixin to the tree to spawn the Dryad’s themselves.

In the end I’m very happy to see another group of modders joining the community, and I am also happy that StoneVox has been part of the process :slight_smile: .

If you have any question’s about modding, I’d be more than glad share my thoughts or even work with you directly.


i would like to make a mythical creature mod or something, but i’m not sure when we could be making that (we’re quite new to this right now)

And pleas, Don’t say ‘i’m helping Hyrule Symbol mod it into the game’
‘We’ together are making a mod.

So pleas, don’t hesitate to add some things you think would be cool
just like you’re coding with my concept, i would be happy to model things with your concept

Tell me your ideas, and i’ll consider it.
if i tell you an idea, you consider it.
don’t just go blindly on what i say, make sure you code things for what you like


Oh we will make this mod :slight_smile:

I was tweaking the model so it looks more… good

and i also made the skirt more… leaf… full…, colored the lines with the hair color of the Dryad and added small vines on the side of it
made the… shawl thing more ‘shawl looking’
and the gloves also got more light colored

the skin on the feet got re colored to the color that was directly piked from the head model

since i forgot to add the horns(more like branches) to her, i went and added it to hear head model
also made the ears longer and added a… shape to it


the early state of the mod was acting a bit weird to me so i went and just made a carpenter that was lucky enough to have the head model of the Dryad (so she’s not the height that we were planing for)

her hair is reversed for some reason…(this isn’t modded so i have no idea why…)


I really like the branches/horns :slight_smile:

OK, I’m looking forward to it.

Ah. Most definitely a dryad now.

Still looking great!

Thank you for this suggestion, I will do my research and make it work this way.

I’d suggest doing as @honestabelink says.

First, try to make the dryad as a static scenario, until you’re happy of how she is as an entity. You could even start by making her as a recipe for the carpenter if you want to ensure that you find it in the game :smile:

Use the mob mixin and reuse the female rig and animations, and change the scale in the json file of the entity. Make the qb model have also the head and hands, so the entity is complete and can recognize the rig. (About the reversed hair… perhaps something went wrong when exporting the qb? It should have Z-Axis right-handed).

When the game can spawn the dryad and doesn’t throw errors and she idles correctly, make her spawn in a dynamic scenario if that fits better your purpose.

At first I thought that cutting an ancient tree would spawn an ent… :disappointed_relieved:


I totally agree that we are working on it together, but I just feel that since it is your concept and art that you have the overall decision on what direction you want to take. I feel like I am here to assist you in bringing your vision into the game, and want to make sure that people understand that overall you retain the ownership of the work that we are doing. :smile:

Really like the changes that you made to the model!

Does the whole head get mirrored? Not just the hair.

As a side note, if you’d like to post photos of your work StoneVox supports rendering to .png, the .png will be rendered with a transparent background.

Use the camera button located in the bottom right side of the screen. Once “saved” you can find the .png in the “export” directory in your “StoneVox” folder.

Looks great :slight_smile:

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I finally got it figured out.

It was rendering both the female_1 head and the dryad head at the same time, because of the way I had the model variant named, so it would load from the array in the main file and this one together. I finally created a new model variant name and it’s loading as expected.

I will have check out the other code that was suggested next and work on spawning as a mob and not a player next.


ahhhh! sooooo cute! must have in my game naow! :smile:

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