Disappearing ore

I have been noticing a small vanishing of ore when queuing blacksmith items. I bought 14 copper and 20 tin ores from a merchant. Told my blacksmith to create 7 copper ingots and 10 tin ingots. Each item requiring 2 ore each. After production begins, my copper ore supply went from 14 to 13, then from 13 to 12 allowing my smith to only create 6 ingots instead of 7. Production just began on the tin ingots and my inventory of tin ore has dropped from 20 to 19 already. There are no other productions that require ore going on in my village.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure you have ore of the necessary amount
  2. Queue a production order
    3)watch inventory to see if any vanishes during production.

Expected Results: I should have ended up with 7 new copper ingots and 10 new tin ingots

Actual Results: Instead I got 6 copper and tin has yet to finish production but I am already missing one ore.

Notes: I do not know if this is effecting other items in my inventories. I noticed it in a previous village but just figured I had lost track of my inventory. This time I watched closely to see if I was mistaken. The ore clearly disappears for no apparent reason.


Version Number and Mods in use: running update 504

System Information:
system info.txt (823.0 KB)1454620126517.zip (7.7 MB)

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Thank you for reporting this!
There’s definitely a bug around that causes items to disappear. I’m trying to track it down.

Do you see the item still in your town inventory but just cannot be found in the crafting menu? Or does “vanishes from inventory” mean that the item is no longer in the inventory tab in your town overview menu?


Maybe some hearthlings are taking items but do not drop those again.
Check out all backpacks.

I saw this back in 2820 in one of my saves. Ore was just simply non-existent. The ones that were gone. It was so few so I didn’t really concern me. Didn’t thing much of it at the time, as I was concerned with the continuous battle music and other problems with clay. I bought most my clay, and was in inventory before that update hit. It was my 2797 save, so an old one.

I just wrote it off as something mismatched in updating, like the heads at the time. Of course that save is bugged due to the 2 goblin camps that never disappeared after their death in a prior version. The footprint of it was still there. The small encampments.

Anyway of the ore though, I noticed it when I was crafting armor and weapons for footman, upgrading. Was copper and tin that I was missing like 2-3 of each. Mainly copper. I had stocked 10x that amount from all my buying and refining.

It was like it was a loss when smelting. If I remember correctly.

One of the things that I know is happening is items that are technically in your inventory but are not in the world or in a storage container.
I made a console command available to everyone to dump all of those items at your town banner if you want to use it.
Type this into the console (Ctrl + C to bring up the console):


If the items are disappearing and are also gone from your town overview screen, then that is a separate mystery.
Thanks all


in answer to your questions, the items disappear from the inventory completely. Town and crafting no longer show them. It is just gone. One of the other posters here suggested looking in backpacks, so i just did so. None of my hearthlings are carrying the items either. I’ve scanned my map to see if it was lying around on the ground or possibly on a ladder somewhere but this doesn’t seem to be the case. I included the save to help other people look as well. This is the second play through that I noticed this bug. I just made sure to test it this time to make sure I was correct. Items are definitely just missing from all inventories and they just seem to disappear from the game entirely.

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ok, I used the dump_inaccessible_items as you suggested and a ton of items showed up at my town banner. 52 items to be precise, copper and tin ore among them. Also, a lot of wood and food items and even a few crafted items, including wall gargoyles, spools of thread, bolts of cloth, a few lanterns and a lot of wooden and stone walls. Thanks for that tip. Any idea why these items are just disappearing though?


This is a super random idea, but the crafting of many items allows for the spontaneous creation of fine quality items that use up extra resources. Is it possible that the code that governs that is interacting with the creation of items that cannot spawn fine versions to create this loss of raw materials?

@Karede I don’t know why the items are disappearing. I haven’t tried to look into it yet. T_T I just made a way to get them back … they are items that are in your inventory (so they show up in the town overview inventory tab) but there’s no way to get at them. I also need to look into your issue with items removed from the inventory but not used in crafting properly.


thanks for the follow up. Your recovery method helps recover some of the items, but by my math I lost a total of 4 copper ore and 3 tin ore to the bug and the recovery method only returned 3 copper and 2 tin. So somewhere I still lost 1 of each ore to the nether. @Briarpatch this is a good idea, but to my knowledge, ores do not craft into high quality items. They simply make ingots. Your theory might explain the loss of resources to high quality crafted items though. Worth looking into.

Chiming in here: I encountered the same issue but don’t know what exactly caused it. Noticed it a similar way when I was cueing up iron bars with enough ore, then suddenly having not enough any more after some other ore (not steel) was done. Tried “dump_inaccessible_items” as well and got 256 items back, ores, food, plants, toy rabbits, stuff from almost every category.

I could be wrong, but I do not believe that in the current crafting mechanics any additional materials are used for the fine item that has a chance to be crafted in addition to the regular item.

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this might be true, but as I stated above, ingots do not have a “fine” quality category. they are simply ingots. So the loss of ore makes no sense in this respect. It would, however, account for the loss of wood and other items when crafting things like beds and lamps.

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