Disapearing house previews

Summary: If the building design menu is closed before construction is started, the house preview will disapear, but will still work is construction is started.

This one’s hard to explain, but I’ve made a video: Stonehearth Bug-Run . The video also includes some buggy properties after the preview disappears

Basic rundown, however,

  1. Design a house
  2. Before constructing the house, close the design menu.
  3. When returning, the house preview disappears
  4. Enjoy the buggy fruits of your labour

Expected results: The preview returns as it was made

Actual results: The preview is invisible, but is logically still there, as it can still be built.

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ok, that video was absolutely essential to understanding the issue(s)… well done! :smile: :+1:

The building plan is still there, you just have to go into stockpile and farm mode too see it

true… but i believe construction commenced without actually clicking on “start”… correct?

No, I did press start, but the real problem I’m bringing up is that you have to go to the stockpile mode in order to see the building plan again, instead of just being able to go back into the building planner.