Did the function get_task_with_activity_name() got removed?

I noticed that I’m getting an error claiming this function did not exist, and searching it returns nothing.
I believe it was a function in the task_group service.

Did it just changed name or got really removed? I will need to change a few things in my mod if so.

I guess it is now replaced with TaskGroup:get_name()
At least from what I tested it worked.

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@BrunoSupremo, it got removed (pretty recently, actually) because it was considered unused.
Were you calling an existing code that calls that function?
Or were you trying to create your own script and needed that function to do what you want to do?

Edit: Oh I see. Glad you found a good substitute. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was for the crab traps.
They give the crabs a order to go into them. To avoid two traps disputing the same crab, I used that function to check if the crab already had an order.


Sim games have THE BEST patch notes :wink: