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Okay, so from what i have seen, a lot fo the people on here play minecraft, and some of the proposed ideas (not all) seem to follow a similar kind of trend to some things that minecraft emplies. I was interested to see if anyone has any really different ideas they would be interested to see in the game that would separate it from games such as minecraft and other ones on the market.
For example, i think the idea of having seasons is absolutely brilliant, with crop fertility and other agricultural aspects relying on a certain season, it makes for an interesting strategic aspect.
My idea i want to put out there, is the concept of bringing in a naval aspect to the scene. For instance, introducing naval combat and docks, the possibility for trading amongst towns/settlements and that sort of thing.

What are some other peoples thoughts?

Yer the game is bound to have comparisons made to minecraft, as well as things like Dwarf Fortress, Timber and Stone, and Gnomoria.

I’ll just direct you to certain areas of the forums where you might be interested in looking!

There’s already been some discussion regarding boats and a naval aspect of the game, a lot of it can be found [url] here [/url]. Trading amongst settlements etc has already been confirmed that it will be a part of the game. The naval aspect is something that is possibly going to be in, but is something that is far into the future - they haven’t begun to think about it yet.

As for seasons, [url] this thread [/url] has some discussion surrounding the possible impact seasons will have on the game, although I think the devs aren’t sure whether or not there will be more to it than something simply aesthetical - it’s all a bit up in the air as far as I know.

I think once you begin to actually look at what this game is, it’s very obvious that the similarities to minecraft stop after that initial graphical likeness, there are so many different elements and aspects to the game that make it different - there’s some discussion from [url] this post [/url] onwards about differences between games, and it’s sure to crop up around the forums now and again.


well @Geoffers747, that pretty much answers everything i was looking for haha you seem to know your way around the forum very well! what kind of things would you like to see implemented?

Too much time does that to a man.

As for me, well legendary sausages , everything the devs have released or announced, including the stretch goals, are spot on for what I want in this game. I’m struggling to think of something I would like that hasn’t already been mentioned!

Actually, most people seem to want to include just about everything from Timber and Stone that they can. I hope that doesn’t include poor Enemy AI and poor Pathfinding though.

personally, i have reached a point where i want to let things simmer for a while… i want to see the team hunker down and crank away at the mountain of already supplied objectives that this campaign has outlined…

i really cant wait to watch this progress over the coming weeks and months, with each round of developer updates… good times ahead (insert name we’ve decided to call ourselves)… :smiley:


Pendrynites, fairly certain we all agreed and bound ourelves by blood to call our selves Pendrynites.

What I think would be brilliant is if you could dig underground and with that you will be able to flank your enemy if you mange to dig as far to there base! Or just dig around your village to make a moat!

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