DEVELOP 3002 - (x64)

Hey guys!,

Just wanted to say, this game is absolutely stunning! To me personally, after this update, after everything I’ve heard and read about your game through the course of its development, and now after reading the newly updated Trello Board, this is… very honestly… the PERFECT game for me and I hope and even pray, for many others!

Tom, Tony, and the rest of the entire Radiant Team, thank you for this awesome creation!

Moreover, no other game has made me giggle like a girl more than this game has… and mind you, I’m a male 24 year-old college graduate student!

Please… oh, please… Take my money!

Haha, all kidding aside and everything, I just wanted to say thanks, truly.

So, well… Thanks Team Radiant!

No, really, take my money.



Make it rain on them ho-ahem programmers.

Came here to echo this. There are many things I love about A17 so far, but right now the stand-out for me is the new tier-2 background music. Absolutely stunning. Seriously, when can I buy the OST?! :smiley: