[dev2176] Object blueprints not showing up on roads

Object blueprints not showing up on roads

An object (such as a chair, bench, table, etc) can be placed on roads as well as on normal surfaces. In both cases, they will be built without issue. However, when viewing the “blueprint” of the object that appears there before the object is actually physically moved, the blueprint shows up only when the object is built on a normal surface (e.g. the ground, the inside of a cave) as opposed to a finished road. To be clear, this is not a functional bug, but purely a cosmetic one. Objects still get built without an issue, and further objects can be built afterwards. It’s just the blueprint that won’t show up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mark, then create, a section of road; create some furniture.
  2. Place furniture on the road.

Expected Results:
After placing, the blueprint of the object should show up to indicate where that object is about to be placed.

Actual Results:
The blueprint of the object does not show up unless I go into “place object” mode.

Normal view: http://puu.sh/fZHdO/1f28a3a5f2.jpg
Object placement view: http://puu.sh/fZI57/a0d873f1d8.jpg
There are four chairs in the picture. Two are placed, and two are about to be placed. The one that’s about to be placed on the regular ground has a blueprint that’s visible in both modes. The one that’s on the road only shows the blueprint when in object placement mode.

Versions and Mods:
Stonehearth Alpha 8, dev build 2176. The Microworld mod is in my mods directory, but not currently being used. I have also made a small modification to Stonehearth.smod: Ladders are made of stone rather than wood.

System Information:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 | Intel i5 | 4GB system memory | AMD Radeon HD 5700

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