[Dev Blog] Steam Latest Updated to develop 3109

Annnd… here’s just a tiny update from what went out last night:

Bug Fixes

  • Farmers will now farm appropriately again on load
  • Pets can go up and down ladders
  • Tutorial will skip steps player has already performed
  • Fixed text on a few fine objects
  • Stockpile filter fix
  • More buildings should finish successfully now
  • Fix for hearthling names not showing up in bed assignment UI

And an IB workaround…

If InstaBuild produces inconsistent results for a truly giant building (Mindemann castle gigantic), try using it before you finish editing, and before the building calculation happens, not after.

Plus an important reminder for modders and those who use mods!

The current unstable release contains certain updates designed to improve performance of the game overall. These updates include a bunch of mod-related improvements we have made to make your life and the game better. The minimum mod version number has been increased to 3 so outdated mods will no longer load. Please update your mods (and let us know if you have any trouble) – games using mods that have not been updated will not see those mods loaded. These changes are effective on the Steam Latest branch with the release of develop-3107 (August 25) and subsequent releases. They will not affect games using mods on the current stable Alpha (Alpha 17).


For Translators:


  •      "wooden_door_fine": {
         "wooden_door_fine_ghost": {
            "display_name": "Fine Wooden Door",
            "description": "Privacy at last!"
      "wooden_door_2_fine": {
         "wooden_door_2_fine_ghost": {
            "description": "Sturdier than your average door, and such a sweet pattern too.",
            "display_name": "Fine Reinforced Wooden Door"
      "wooden_double_door_fine": {
         "wooden_double_door_fine_ghost": {
            "display_name": "Fine Wooden Double Door",
            "description": "A larger door with some extra style. All your friends will be envious."
      "wooden_window_frame_fine": {
         "wooden_window_frame_fine_ghost": {
            "display_name": "Fine Wooden Window Frame",
            "description": "So much for privacy..."
      "wooden_window_frame_tall_fine": {
         "wooden_window_frame_tall_fine_ghost": {
            "display_name": "Fine Tall Window Frame",
            "description": "Extra height adds an air of elegance"
      "wooden_window_frame_wide_fine": {
         "wooden_window_frame_wide_fine_ghost": {
            "display_name": "Fine Wide Window Frame",
            "description": "It's a panoramic view!"
      }, -> display_name changed into Fine