[Dev Blog ]Steam latest update to build 156



Big fixes and feature requests!


:smile: yay downloading.



scraps current video footage


fires up a new session and begins to record


Oooooooo… Just got one of these bad boys.


Maybe you should wait until alpha 6 actually comes out to start recording? ^^;


bah… that would be too logical! plus there’s the whole “glutton for punishment” thing… :wink:

I should have r156 | part 1 up later this morning…

edit: a few embarrassing geek-out moments… but thats to be expected i suppose! :blush:


Oh… this happened again, I skipped a revision build. Well, I still can track the releases timeline.

I need to find time to finish the releases list to upload it to the wiki. It would help me a lot to organize all the bug reports and check those that are not valid any more :expressionless:

This is fantastic, anyway! I don’t know many developers that release a patch of fixed bugs that people have reported in just a day, good job :wink: !


Exact same thing happened to me