[Dev Blog] Livestream 5/27 - Ask questions here!

I know I’ve already done my ‘turn’, but this is something else I’m curious about:

When do you plan to start working on equipment for Villagers? Armor, Amulets, and other items of this nature.

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When will be able to create additional settlers/villagers?

I need to grow my empire.


How did Stonehearth get its name?


the stone hearth that is the fire at night silly they planned that from the beginning probably

Hello I ask some questions concerning the building system and combat.
For the building,
What are your plans concerning the water? for example could we have a fisherman or could we make boats?
Could we add doors and windows in the next alpha?
In the building editor, will we have different type of walls (like for towers or fortress) and roofs?

For the combat,
What are the parts of the fighter’s stuff? (head, arms, legs…)
Could we manage the skills of our fighters?

just a couple of responses, from information found in @Geoffers747’s Q&A thread:

What about interior rooms? Will we able to decorate or create interior rooms for the larger buildings we have?

Yes, absolutely, you’re gonna be able to furnish your rooms with furniture … those will have gameplay consequences, there will be decorative things like standards etc. that you can decorate the interior of your buildings with.

Can you customise the appearance of buildings as well? 2

Yes … eventually you’ll be able to choose the materials for the floor, the walls, you’ll be able to choose different patterns for the roof. And then you’ll be able to paint your walls through crafting, so lots of customisation.

For combat units, where you do exert more control, we will have the pathing options you would expect in an RTS: waypoints, patrol, etc.

Hey! I’m so sad I’m going to miss this live stream… damn work >:(
My question is **Are you still considering designating buildings? ** I know you guys have talked about it in the past, but I was wondering if you are still thinking about going through with it. I would like to make some buildings that only guards or workers can go to. ooh ooh also **will the villagers have their own set homes, or will they just go into anyone’s house and sleep when tired? **
Thanks for you’re time, keep up the great work :smiley:

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How will we manage our adventurers that go into caves or dungeons or towers, etc. Will the game pause outside? Will we have direct control over the units? how is the adventure part going to work?

Will there in the Next update come different types of house styles? (like stone huts or spruce)

Yes I know all of this but I want more explanations because now they almost know what they want to add to the game. =P

Obviously we will have the option to design a structures layout and material its made with but, will we be able to customize the roofs on buildings? such as a peaked roof, slanted, flat etc or will the game just add a roof that matches the layout of the building.

Also What is the build height limit for structures? how many floors could a structure go up to.

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Thank you for all of this European times ^^; unfortunately 01:00 AM it’s too late for :(, maybe i can do some effort to watch it… anyway; here are my questions!!

  1. How deep in gameplay you want to make this game?? a Dwarf Fortress nightmare, or a more conquerable Simcity style?
  2. Can we set the difficult of the game to have harder fights and less resources?
  3. And what about the surroundings; will there be more localizations to settle? right now we only have someking of grasslands… will there be other kind of biomes to live? (dessert, tundra, jungle, mountains, beach…) and more dangerous ones like EVIL biomes?? maybe with raining blood? :wink:

congrats for the game it looks really good so far! :D, i just hope you ddevelop it fast enoughto get to the full release soon! ^^

How easy would it to make new modules for the game? Will there be a module creator or would you need to learn to mod for making them?

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Hey everyone, just to say I won’t be attending the stream tonight unfortunately :frowning:

I have an exam in 11 hours. May Raya save me.


we’ll miss you brother … I’ll light @newf’s collar a candle in your honor…

oh, and just remember, the first answer to virtually every exam is usually “A”… or was it “recombinant dna”? either way, good luck!! :smile:


Good Luck @Geoffers747!!!