[Dev Blog] - Belated Desktop Tuesdays. Tweet Tweet!




Good things come to those who wait :blush:


definitely a case of less if more with the avian models… the heads look much better now… :+1:

cannot wait to see them animated, and fluttering around the trees…


Agree, they look nice and cute now (even a bit more than before). I hope they will really sit on the trees and fly to the next one, once you chop it down. Maybe they can also let a feather fall down to earth… every now and then. Great feature.


yup, who won the sweepstake for guessing the content?

When I saw the update there was no comments and in the time it took for me to log in and create my albeit wonderful comment there was a screen full of posts … grrr


Damn birds are in my garden…WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!


So long as we don’t get loud, annoying geese. If so, HUNTING TIME ALL THE TIME.