Dev 450 - Campfire Bug

Something I’ve noticed in 2534, 477 and 450 is that sometimes, workers get stuck by the campfire after sitting around it all night. They do not move, but if you press C and look at their action/what they’re doing it flashes between “idle” and “resting by campfire” extremely quickly. This can sometimes be fixed with the rally & defend order, or also moving or redeploying the campfire.

When this happens, only a few villagers get stuck, but all of them do not sleep. They stay in the campfire all the time. I think maybe a way to fix this would possibly be to add more town “orders” such as “Bed Time/Curfew”, or something like that. (Same with fixing the eating bugs, perhaps. Add a dinner bell.)

In this screenshot, only the worker with the blonde hair to the left of the campfire is stuck.


i may have seen something like this before, i’ll check around later when i get time. (or i’ll just forget and let someone else do it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

i was going to make a blonde joke… but i decided against that…


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On topic, this has been reported several times, and what has seemed to work for a lot of people is to simply just pack up the campfire after you choose your starting location.


I wonder if that’s happening for everyone who gets this bug. I have not gotten it myself, but it sounds like the affected hearthlings are somehow getting caught in some kind of logic loop that prevents them from doing anything else on their own. When Town Defense is used, it’s basically an override command, so it will shortcut out of the loop until next time.

Yeah. There was one point where even the reset command, the town defense and reloading didn’t work. Had to restart.

Is there any chance this is connected to the bug where villagers flock towards enemy campfires? I would venture to theorize that the forced “go here and relax” command for it is in someway behind both these bugs.

Nah, I haven’t come across that bug in any of my games so far.

I’m also seeing this issue in r450, but only with 20ish+ Hearthlings. This is one of several odd behaviors that occurred when the population reached that size. With smaller numbers, the campfire seemed to work just fine.

See, the issues for me started with only 8 Hearthlings.

I’ve had this issue for a good while, I noticed they start either at night or when eating. A easy fix is just to deploy the Campfire. (has worked 90% of the time for me, or you have to save, close and re-open the game)

I found a few similar but non that have match the same issue.

It kinda reminds me of the goblins getting stuck around the CampFire, Is this the Hearthlings Karma?

Well I do normally deply the campfire but I’ve actually just decided to not even have it out at all. Cause I get tired of deploying it. And as for the goblin going around my campfire that only happens when I’m compliant with the goblins, and I really enjoy seeing them come in to the town.

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[quote=“CptPancakeBooty, post:13, topic:15551”]
And as for the goblin going around my campfire that only happens when I’m compliant with the goblins, and I really enjoy seeing them come in to the town.
[/quote]i believe that @Stoneheartfan was actually referring to an older/fixed bug, not the goblins coming to your fire. :wink: