Dev-2513(x64) Can't build fences connecting to building walls

So I was trying to build a fence around my farming area, and when I tried to place fences that connected to my barn, I figured out that it didn’t allow me to place fences directly next to buildings like it used to in previous builds. I’ve been building fences like this for as long as I could remember.

I wanted to attach a couple of screenshots documenting my experimentation trying to get it to work, but since I’m a new user so I couldn’t.

Basically, what you need to do to recreate the bug is build a building, and try and places fences that connect to the side or corner of the building with the post directly in the square next to the building. Funny thing is, it allows you to build fences and stone walls that run parallel to the buildings, but not perpendicular. I’m not sure if its intended to be like that, but it leaves a visible gap between the building and fence if you put it back a square from the building.


I’ve experienced something similar that I THINK is related (maybe not…)

If I place a fence one block from where I meant to and then move it into the correct position I can’t place a new fence in the previously occupied block (even if it was planned but not placed yet). It behaves as though it is treating the previous block as still occupied even though it isn’t. I have replicated it with gates and fences several times, and ran into the same problem around buildings.

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