[Dev 2513] "farm plot" UI problem

I just noticed that whenever I set up a field the “farm plot” UI pops up again about 30 seconds after I closed it

Steps to reproduce:

  1. make a new farm field
  2. select any crop
  3. finish the setup and close the “farm plot” UI
  4. wait a bit… do anything else
  5. see the “farm plot” UI pop up again out of nowhere

I took a screen from the last occurance where I just happen to have the “designate zone” menu opened but that was just coincidence and it also happened with nowhere near a farm or any menu open

as you can see I was in the middle of making a new stockpile when the farm UI popped up… and no I definitly not hovered over the farm field while scaling the stockpile… as I said… that was just coincidence and it already happened in other situations

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are you perhaps accidentally bumping the “F” key? as that’s the hotkey for the Farm plots, i know that i sometimes make this mistake whilst using WASD to move around.

nope… and you can try that for yourself (as I just did)
when you setup a stockpile and you hit “F” the frame for the stockpile zone vanishes and you have the farm tool

and even so it wouldn’t open the “Farm plot” UI this way :confused:

Yeah, I also get the zoning UI pop out of nowhere just randomly …

k’ just thought i would check,

[quote=“FX5, post:3, topic:14953”]
and you can try that for yourself (as I just did)
[/quote]will do later, but right now i got to head out.

I run into this error for Farm plots and stockpiles both. It seems to be the last plot laid down will pop up again after 1-3 minutes. It doesn’t seem to effect playability or the plots in any way, I just confirm the plot type again and it goes away.

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