Desktop Tuesday: The Titan


what else has changed since its beta? can we have a list of improvements other than the titan’s inclusion? or was that the only thing added in this release?

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Beta notes were released a few days ago. See Beta r862 is here and it's Titanic.


Congrats team on making this come to life, I’ve just defeated the Orc Warlord and look forward to taking on the titan…

In other news…

Finally, this week’s Thursday stream should happen as usual. It’s Artist Allie, so bring all your Titan/Rabbit Clan/Northern Alliance questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Northern Alliance hype? Yes, please. :smiley:


Wow, It is a TITAN. Nice work :9 really nice work.

While watching the video I came up with an idea of an second “Titan” encounter.

What if two Titans or Gods fight another and your town is only in the middle of the fight.
You could choose to fight with one of those two or fight both or just keep silent till everything is over.


Are you sure you’re not the other one? :slight_smile:


That sounds like an interesting new titan encounter. Any new titan encounter has the difficulty that the team used most of their ideas in making the first encounter. Two fighting titans could give a new type of challenges, namely ones related to titan vs. titan. It is in the fact that no attack is directed at you, but the damage you suffer might be an externality to the fight, its a side effect that you happen to suffer from. It even has the versatility baked in it, as you can choose (based on the type of town you have) whether to attack both, one, or none while trying to survive. That choice might be affected by exactly what ways the titans attack each other. and in what ways you can try to tip the balance in hopes of getting the fight (and thus the damage) over sooner.


right, so whos up for some multiplayer :P? 50 or so lings should do it…


If I wasn’t camping I would have been glued to my seat on Thursday. This is amazing! I love it!

Also Easy Mode needs Party Goblin’s Titanic Dance off and Sky Whale’s Rainbow Party of Love and Rainbows.


After having played it, I disagree. It feels wholly new and refreshing as that jerk throws tentacles and waves of nastiness at you in a struggle that i felt would have been cheapened if it had either been an ankle hack (with the current combat system) or ended in one.

It felt titanic in scale as it encompassed the whole map, and hearing him chuckling and casting spells at you in the distance always made me cringe because i knew something else nasty was coming while my hands were already full dealing with fighting off corrupted minions, freeing my 'lings, and trying to figure out how to dig down to seeds.

I’m not saying I don’t want things LIKE the titan encounter showed in the original Kickstarter (I would love to have a few encounters where it’s just a massive beast you have to hack to death), but this felt SOOOO much more like an end game cinematic piece that the game REALLY needed. (And like a Titanic event should be)

It incorporated elements that i’d love to see put into the other parts of the campaign as well (Events during encounters), so hopefully things from this can trickle down to the other parts of Stonehearth’s campaign to liven them up a bit.

All in all, the best part about it was that it felt different and i don’t think you could get that separation with the original idea.


You know… I don’t believe I’ve ever even really played through the current goblin campaign, ever.

All this stuff is very inspiring and I want to get back to writing, but I think I’ll have to actually play through the game at some point to really get a clue what’s going on.

But it’s so tempting to waste all my time on a giant mining project and forget to save all the time like I used to and then have it all crash :confused:


That’s precisely my problem. Building stuff and organising the town is funny enough for me, I don’t even feel the need to complete missions. That’s why I am not a huge fan of the town progression, it literally forces me to complete missions to unlock recipes. I know I can use debug tools and embarkation to unlock them all in 5 minutes, but I don’t think that’s how it should work.

What brings me to the core of the problem: quest-only rewards. I choose to complete town progression quest because there are quest-only rewards. If there were other quests providing unique rewards I would be more eager to complete them. On the other hand, if a quest is triggered randomly it should not give crucial rewards such as recipes and unique items because it could take ages to obtain much wanted stuff if the quest didn’t trigger early. So I would love to see quests which make the player mark a Ling or a group of Lings as the quest team (making them not available for the town for some time, because they have to scout, escort or study something far away) and their stats or XP would increase as a reward. Tempting, but completely optional.