Desert Lodge Lamp is blocking build

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I’m finishing a non modded desert lodge. The build has an exclamation point and when I go to the stats, it says a wall mounted clay lamp on the front of the building is not there. You can see that a ladder was supposed to be put there but is facing sideways and has not been placed. I tried placing a ladder and a lamp while the building is unfinished but the build (of course) does not recognize me doing that.
This is a complicated build using a lot of materials and taking a lot of time. I would hate to have to destroy the building because of a lamp that is in the build specs. I have made plenty of changes to buildings and this is something that has not happened before where something on the original design for a non modded building is keeping the building from being built. What can I do? Thanks in advance for your help.
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adding items to an unfinished building may cause problems
they only need to be crafted remove the lamp and ladder
wait a bit to see if the building gets finished

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