Deleting objects what refuse to be deleted

Summary: Thing’s arn’t deleting/being removed even if I attempt to use the deleting tool - even if it comes up with the confirming option and I say yes!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a building (I had a desert Dorm [“Slitherine Dorm”])
  2. Do something to hinder the build of a window, like not have one prepared in time or have too much going on at once so it doesn’t get done and then refuses until you need to go into inventory and place it after much frustration.
  3. Accidently place the window on the side of the wall or on the floor rather than where you need it. Attempt to use the removing to and if the window is in either place I mentioned, it won’t remove them even if given the confirmation box, which only came up on the window on the wall - doesn’t get the sign to remove above it, just does nothing.

Expected Results: Everything has an option to be removed (confirming box comes up) and when confirmed, it is removed

Actual Results: Thing’s weren’t removed or given an option for removal.

Notes: I also found when attempting to build this Dorm, the lantern went up and the ladder remained to put the window up and the people could climb it because the lamp was in the way. Window was added after lamp was moved. Also couldn’t take a picture of the evil windows because the picture went, like, through the game and onto whatever was open underneath but I’m going to assume that’s built into the game?


Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 19, no mods

System Information: