Defensive Patrols Loops

Let’s talk military.

The combat party system currently implemented is great; I find it a lot easier to organize my little hearthling army. However, whenever they are not in combat, they simply wander around the roads of the town.

Now, I am aware of the ‘patrol’ system that Stonehearth currently has, but all this does is set up a stationary post where the party sits until further command. This can be useful, however, I have an alternative:

Instead of stationary posts, the player can set up a “patrol path” for the units. This would allow for watch over a wanted area (as the current patrol system has) AND for a constant, mobile lookout. Plus, it looks a lot better than having a bunch of footmen huddling together like penguins.

The system would be something like this: when the patrol option/combat setting is set, Stonehearth’s “land grid” appears. The mouse might turn into a flag or something to further indicate this. The player would click on a grid square, and a marker would pop up saying “1” or “A,” or something along those lines. The player would continue placing markers until finally clicking on the one first placed, thus creating a “patrol loop”. The given party would then follow this path and stop to look at the placed markers. This give parties bigger - and separate - patrol areas.

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i would love to see a system like the one in timber and stone where you put points and they go between them.

There is a mod which let you set up patrol points

I hope radiant will use it someday :wink: @Wiese2007


that or they make intern patrol points with virtuell flags ^^